If you are new to Canada, and trying to make a successful transition to employment in Calgary, the Centre for Newcomers can assist you with career and employment planning.

The Centre's professional career practitioners specialize in helping people with international training, education or work experience succeed in the Calgary labour market.

The Centre's training programs provide opportunities to develop your employability and communication skills, while you train for a new occupation or further develop professional skill in your previous occupation.

Employment Services personnel can support you in many ways:

  • assistance with employment insurance applications.
  • training and cultural information about Canadian workplaces.
  • adapting and marketing your skills to succeed in the Calgary labour market.
  • training in job search skills that lead to success.
  • fax, phone, computers, job board and other resources to assist in your job search.
  • labour market research.
  • networking and opportunities to meet employers.
  • career guidance and support.
  • planning your education.
  • finding training programs to suit your skills and experience.
  • business English and communication skills.

Explore www.alis.gov.ab.ca for employment and training information.  Or, call (403) 569 3325 to make an appointment with a Career Practitioner.

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