Through the EthniCity Catering Training Program as a Kitchen Helper, you can gain valuable Canadian work experience and learn new skills to help you find a permanent job.

EthniCity Catering is a social enterprise of the Centre for  Newcomers that provides transitional employment and training for immigrant and refugee women and men as well as a multi-ethnic menu for Calgary customers.

continuous intake

Qualifying clients will be provided with:

  • 10- 12 weeks of training, including kitchen and life skills training as well as work experience in a commercial setting

What does the program offer and how you will benefit?

  • A temporary and part-time Canadian job

  • Paid training to work in a commercial kitchen

  • Practice English in a supportive team environment

  • A food safety card from Alberta Health Services

  • Support to look for permanent work

  • Develop new skills to live and work in Canada

Do you qualify?

  • Low-income immigrants/refugee to Canada

  • Unemployed or underemployed and looking for a job

  • Lack of Canadian work experience

  • Commitment to a 12-week training and work experience

  • Basic English language skills

  • Limited formal education

EthniCity Catering is currently recruiting participants for immediate placement in the Work Experience Program.  Flexible hours (mornings and/or afternoons) with a minimum 15 hours per week for the first 10 weeks is guaranteed.


Please, bring the completed form to our reception desk. The office and commercial kitchen are located at the Centre for Newcomers at 1010, 999 - 36 St. NE.

You can download and complete the

EthniCity Catering Application Form.

EthniCity Catering receives funding from the United Way of Calgary and Area, to support its training and transitional employment program, and also from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), to train employees in Workplace Essential Skills.