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The Intersectional Organizational Assessment is an online tool based upon a diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety competency assessment framework. It outlines organizational management and operations success indicators to provide nurturing services for individuals regardless of their social location.

The assessment is intended to be used by management teams to assess services, develop a plan, and then later reassess services after work has been conducted to address intersectional issues. A second assessment can be conducted later to show the progress made or further improvements areas that can be addressed.

The tool is not meant to be an exhaustive assessment of an organization or to limit the array of intersectional issues that might be found within various population groups. Instead, it is a means to identify critical elements of organizational improvement plan and to start the process of development toward creating welcoming and nurturing services. More in-depth assessments and audit processes can be initiated in each management area after using the tool. It is also not intended to replace audits found with certification or accreditation bodies.

To access the tool Click Here

You can also download the android app here

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