Diverse Kindergarten

Community-Based Care for Newcomer Children Program (CBCNC) helps qualified low-income students in any LINC school in Calgary to use free childcare in a licensed daycare centre or day home if their child is between 1- 5 years of age. Parents can select a daycare provider at a location that is convenient for them, or the CBCNC program will help them to find a childcare provider either near their homes or schools. Parents can send their children to their selected daycare centre or day home for a full day without any cost.



What We Offer

  • Serve parents from all Calgary LINC schools

  • Provide licensed daycare centres or day homes near parents’ homes, schools, or anywhere that’s convenient for them

  • Offer full-time daycare to full-time and morning class students

  1.   Flexible daycare/day home dropping off and picking up schedules suit every parent’s class schedule

  2.  Parents can drop off their children as early as 6 am and pick up them as late as 6 pm

  3.  Full-time daycare enables parents to focus on learning English even after class


Who Can Apply For CBCNC

You can apply for CBCNC when meeting the following conditions:

  • If you or your spouse have registered for a morning or full-time LINC class in Calgary

  • If your family is low-income and eligible for the full Alberta Child Care Subsidy (we will help you to apply)

  • If your child is between 1-5 years of age and not yet in school

  • If you or your spouse, or your child are permanent residents or Canadian citizens


When You Should Apply for CBCNC

You should apply to CBCNC program after registering for a morning or full-time LINC class.


When You Can Start Using CBCNC

As soon as you are admitted to LINC classes, we start assisting you to find a suitable licensed daycare or day home and apply for the Alberta Child Care Subsidy. Your child will attend the selected daycare or day home based on either the first day of your LINC class or after the first day of your class if you’ve started the class before getting CBCNC service. Your child can remain in the daycare or day home for as long as you remain in LINC. While you use the daycare or day home through CBCNC program, the Alberta Child Care Subsidy covers a part of your childcare fee; with the general support of the Government of Canada, CBCNC program makes available a federal childcare subsidy, which covers the rest of your childcare fee.

For more information about this program, please contact:


Mandy Xu

Cell: 403-354-2356    Office: 403-569-3325 ext.279


This program receives funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship  Canada (IRCC)