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EthniCity Catering is a social enterprise employing immigrant men and women in a commercial kitchen employment preparation program to break the cycle of "no Canadian work experience, no Canadian work opportunities". While shopping, chopping and cooking, employees practice communication and teamwork skills appropriate to the Canadian workplace. They learn what Canadian employers expect and participate in food services training in a commercial kitchen.

The program participants employed by EthniCity Catering are new to Canada and this employment preparation program prepares them to overcome a number of challenges related to: finding work, lacking Canadian work experience, adjusting to an unfamiliar culture, isolation, culture shock and sometimes limited English skills. Individuals are employed part-time for an average of 3 months before they move onto to other work or further education.











To hire one of our program participants, please email:

We are inspired each day by the success of our program participants, some of whom have never before worked outside of their homes. The sense of accomplishment they feel upon receiving their first pay cheque is inspiring and their excitement after a successful job interview is contagious. These experiences are at the very heart of what makes this social enterprise so successful.

EthniCity Catering receives funding from the Seniors, Community and Social Services (SCSS) and United Way of Calgary and Area.

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