Do you want to make a difference in a newcomers life? Are you looking for qualified accounting professionals to help your organization? Would you be interested in hosting an accounting intern in your organization?


The benefits your organization will receive from hosting an accounting intern will depend on your reasons for participating in this partnership. If your company is looking to hire a qualified candidate, but is worried they may not fit-in with the office culture, then an internship is a great opportunity to assess the suitability of potential employees. Hosting one of our highly-qualified accounting interns is a great opportunity for organizations seeking to capitalize on the value of international experience and diversity in the workforce. One of the biggest hurdles newcomers face when coming to Canada is finding work in their profession – often due to a lack of Canadian work experience. By supporting this program, your organization will provide the vital first-step for passionate, internationally-trained accountants who are seeking to start their careers in Canada.


All program participants possess the equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, or higher, in Accounting; and are required to have 3+ years of experience in accounting related positions. Prior to commencing the practicum, students spend 24 weeks learning Canadian workplace culture, essential business communication skills, refresh their Excel and Simply Accounting software skills, and take 3 CPA designated courses from SAIT. Upon commencing their 10-week practicum placement, students are able to deliver quality work for the organization based on the tools and skills they learnt during the program. Based on high satisfaction rates with their interns, many companies have offered employment opportunities to students at the conclusion of their internship – although it is not required or expected.

To host an Accounting Intern contact:

Anca Roman