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The first of its kind in Calgary, the Indigenous Education for Newcomers (IEFN) program at the Centre for Newcomers creates opportunities through various activities, including dialogue circles and storytelling, to bring newcomers and indigenous participants together.  These activities promote discussions,  in order to honour different historical and cultural perspectives; to create bridges of understanding and appreciation on both sides.


Immigrant-serving agencies and indigenous services, the program supports efforts aimed at ending cycles of systemic discrimination faced by indigenous people. This is facilitated by culturally appropriate educational workshops on indigenous issues, meaningful partnerships that seek to create alliances for public education and creating awareness among partners and within the broader community. 



One of the recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada is that the information kit for newcomers be revised “to reflect a more inclusive history of the diverse Indigenous peoples of Canada including information about the Treaties and the history of residential schools” (TRC, 2015, p.10). In July 2017, CFN held the official launch celebration of the Indigenous Education for Newcomers program.

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