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With a growing Kurdish and Yazidi Community in Calgary, CFN has begun to offer culturally tailored classes for both Kurdish children and their parents.  The children, already immersed in English Language within their schools and daily life,  will be able to learn their mother language. Students will work on Kurdish reading, writing, listening and speaking, while simultaneously learning more about both their own culture and the Canadian culture of their new home.  The classes provide an opportunity for families to have a stronger relationship between older and newer arrivals to Calgary, while building positive steps for kids to stay connected with their language and culture.

While kids are studying, any accompanying parent can join an English conversation club to brush up their English language skills, as well as to listen to and share their ideas and experiences with others. Conversation subjects will be chosen as needed and can simply be parents chatting and networking, or can include guest speakers from different sectors of life. These efforts are made possible through a partnership between CFN and the Calgary Kurdish House Centre (Malakurd).


Classes run everyday Saturday from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.


For more information contact Jamal Suleman:



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