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We all have an immigration story. What’s yours? 

Our goal is to collect 1,000 stories from everyday Calgarians, such as yourself. We're going to collect your stories here at CFN, plus  store them permanently at Calgary’s new Central Library.


Record your family's immigration story, upload it to your favourite social media platform using #myimmigrantstory and share your gift with the community. Just like these!


To see more #myimmigrantstories click here 

Another way to tell your immigrant story is at the Calgary Library. Everyone is welcome to come down to the new downtown Calgary Library the last Saturday of every month to record your immigrant story. We will have volunteers there to help you and a camera on hand ready when you are. Afterwards, your story will become part of the Calgary Library archives.  Our library schedule is as follows:

Saturday July 27: 11:00-4:30

Saturday August 31: 11:00-4:30

Saturday September 28: 11:00-4:30

Saturday October 26: 11:00-4:30

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Centre for Newcomers. We want to create a living snapshot of Calgary’s cultural legacy for generations to come.


Unless you’re from an Indigenous family, every Canadian came to our great country from somewhere else. Many of us grew up hearing these stories from our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. It’s become not only part of our individual heritage but is also part of Calgary’s collective inheritance.
















































Use our template


We’ve interviewed dozen so individuals just like you and we’ve found that these are two useful templates to tell a coherent story in short time. Chose of the following easy-to-use templates:


Are you the descendant of someone who came to Canada? Click here.

Are you the first person in your family to come to Canada? Click here.


Have someone interview you using the questions on the template. Ask them to summarize your response in the box provided in just a few words, or even a picture.


Click here for more Tips On How To Easily Tell Your Family’s Immigration Story and watch Vivek Warrier and George Brookman tell their immigrant stories below. 

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