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A Paradise of Support for Calgary Seniors

As a place that offers a wide range of recreational and creative options for Calgary’s seniors population, as well as networking for job opportunities, job transitioning counselling and even a communal kitchen, the Kerby Centre is an invaluable community builder and social profit partner to CFN. In the end, the Kerby Centre offers support to those who have worked their whole lives to support those around them.

In 1973, Patricia Allen founded the Kerby Centre – a vision born from a life-long dedication to improving the quality of life for seniors. The building called Kerby Centre began life as the original campus for Mount Royal College. Once Mount Royal College moved to the Lincoln Park Campus, this building at 1133 – 7 Avenue S.W. was named the Kerby Memorial Building to honour the founder of Mount Royal College, Dr. George William Kerby. Seniors began using the building and calling it Kerby Centre and hence the organization was named.

The Kerby Centre is located in the west end of downtown Calgary. As an organization, the Kerby Centre is committed to enriching the lives of older citizens. In doing so, the Centre offers a wide array of meaningful community building activities which help to support and enhance the lives of Calgary’s seniors.

Check out their website for hours of operation, their many wonderful programs and for more ways you can get involved with the Kerby Centre.


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