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CFN invites you to join us on February 9th, for a special benefit performance from country singer-songwriter Alex Hughes at Calgary's Prairie Emporium. Join us for a night of music, food & stories of impact with all proceeds going to CFN. Individual food plates with a selection of exciting dishes from around the world from CFN’s Ethnicity Catering will be included with your ticket. Beverages will be available for purchase at the venue. Get your tickets today at

Fueled by an equal love for Shania Twain and Snoop Dogg, Alex’s take on pop-country has a bit more soul and grit than her petite 5’2” frame might suggest. With a voice described as a combination of Linda Ronstadt and LeAnn Rimes, Alex has practically been singing since before she could talk. Her distinct sound weaves R&B runs into classic country melodies with pop driven beats that leaves audiences in awe. With multiple sold out shows in 2021, a Country Music Alberta “Horizon Female Artist of the Year” nomination, and a selection as a Project WILD - Country Artist Development Program Top 12 Finalist, Alex is making her presence undeniable in Canadian Country Music.

After the release of her current project’s debut single, “Strong As You”, in 2019, Alex has been making waves in the Alberta music scene; collaborating with artists within her Country music community and beyond. Notable collaborations include a feature vocal performance on Canadian Pop artist, Fayence Dream’s album, “Hang up on Me” and The Blue Jay Sessions group collaborative song, “Sitting on Top of The World”. Alex is also highly commended as a songwriter with credits on Leaving Thomas’ acclaimed album, “Nothing Comes for Free” as a writer on the song, “Lie to Me”, as well as Ryan Lindsay’s CCMA nominated album, “The Ride” as a writer on fan favourite, “Darlin’ You’re Classic”.

When some might’ve been discouraged by a cancellation of shows in 2020, Alex saw an opportunity to develop and continue to hone her craft. She kept herself busy, co-writing over 50 songs with writers from Calgary, Nashville, Chicago and even the UK. She released her follow up single, “Gentleman”, a female-empowering song with nods to 90’s girl-power country, and grew her fan base by almost double, utilizing social media and participating in multiple live streams and virtual appearances. Alex is a driven learner and used the pandemic as a chance to study vocal production, a skill she used to self-record all the vocals for her next single, “After 31”, set to be released November of 2021. Produced by Nashville-based producer, Shannon McArthur, this special song is a true coming-of-age moment and the most honest and raw of Alex’s releases to date. After finding what she believes to be her truly authentic and distinctive sound, Alex is making the music she was born to give the world.

With plans to record and release her debut full length album in 2022 and tour it across Canada, Alex has never been clearer in her vision and is focused and driven to see it through. With a desire to honour the classic country songs she loved to sing in her youth and inspired by the bass heavy songs she’d play back when she learned to drive, Alex promises to deliver something that is as sincere and fun as she is. This is Country music for the modern ear that still loves to play their grandparent’s records.


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