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An Indigenous Perspective on Medicine & Healing @ CFN

On Saturday August 11th, as a part of CFNs Indigenous & Newcomers Community Kitchen and Dialogue Project, a Medicine Walk will take place. The half-day session will be led by Winona Lafreniere and will cover the traditional Indigenous healing methods through the use of plants for medicine. We will discuss how these ancient traditional methods are playing a role in connection to our own roots, how we can integrate that in our own practices, and the importance of our roles as stewards of the land based medicines. Many of the plants harvested were used by Indigenous people in the boreal forests of the northern hemisphere for over 500 generations, especially for treatment of ailments.

The goal is to help participants be able to use these plants in their daily lives. The plant walk will explore the native plants and look at the edible, medicinal and survival aspects of the flora. I will also cover topics such as plant identification, sustainable harvesting, treatments for common ailments and spiritual properties. Most of which can be harvested various times of year, grown locally or purchased.

Winona is passionate about her culture and actively involved in facilitating Indigenous Awareness and cultural activities for various non-profit agencies, public schools, government and the private sector. She has an extensive background in policy development, public relations, leadership development, strategic planning and community engagement. Winona is also an active community volunteer and leader and states that her innate connection to the land is important to fully understand and appreciate her culture and rich heritage. She spends a great deal of time with nature and her patience, humility and self-discipline are all positive attributes that keep her grounded and immersed in her culture.

For more details or to register for this Saturday walk contact Victoria at or call 403-539-5852


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