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Calgary Flames Grade 6 YMCA Program

Going into Grade 6 this September? SIGN-UP FOR YOUR GRADE 6 MEMBERSHIP TODAY!

Current Grade 6 Memberships have been extended! See below for details.

CFN's long time partners, the Calgary Flames Foundation and YMCA Calgary are thrilled to announce that the Flames YMCA Grade 6 Program for this year’s cohort of grade six students has been extended to December 31, 2021

The Calgary Flames Foundation and the YMCA also want to remind students and parents that this year’s Calgary Flames YMCA Grade 6 Program opens on August 1st for this year’s grade six students. Every grade six student in Calgary is eligible to receive a free YMCA 13-month membership to the YMCA, thanks to the Calgary Flames Foundation.

Through the generous support of the Calgary Flames Foundation, every Grade 6 student in Calgary receives a free YMCA Membership and active programming throughout their Grade 6 year.

The goal of the program is to support youth as they transition/age out of traditional child care models, develop new interests and prepare for junior high. The program was designed to give youth a safe place to practice independence, develop healthy habits, and establish a sense of belonging in a centre of community that promotes the values of respect, honesty, caring and responsibility.

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