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Call for Proposal: Treaty 7 Project Learning Advisor

Project: Learning Advisor- Indigenous Education for Newcomers

Time: June-July 2021

Contact: Francis Boakye

Deadline: June 14th, 2021

Value: TBD

Background Information

The Centre For Newcomers (CFN) is a provincial leader with demonstrated excellence in Settlement and Integration services, Jobs and Careers (employment preparation), Children, Youth and Family, Language Instruction, and Vulnerable Populations programs for newcomers in Alberta since 1988. CFN utilizes an integrated approach to providing these services and programs aimed at supporting newcomers to successfully settle and integrate into their new country, and for newcomers to identify ways of contributing to the wider local community. CFN’s program and service delivery approach is guided by its strategic impact framework that seeks to promote and acculturated identity of choice by service users and to facilitate the building of stronger connections/relationships to the larger community. A key strength of CFN is its strong connections to several local community partners. More information on CFN’s services and programs can be found on our website,

Project Overview

The objective of Indigenous Education for Newcomers in Treaty 7 project is to increase awareness and cultural sensitivity of newcomers and the settlement sector to support a more meaningful integration between newcomers and Indigenous populations. The goal of the program is to support organizations working with newcomers to increase their knowledge and capacity to deliver Indigenous awareness and facilitate increased interconnectedness between newcomers and the Indigenous populations in Canada. In the next three years (2020-2023), CFN will be embarking on this program aimed at achieving the above stated objective and goal.

Through the sharing of stories of our shared histories and experiences, it is expected that the program will help strengthen and deepen relationship between the two communities through increased understanding of our ways of doing, knowing and being. Program activities include holding community dialogues on community issues of mutual interest, field trips to Indigenous sites, learning from our established Elders’ Council and our Advisory Committee who provide guidance during the duration of this program. Other activities include engaging newcomers in Indigenous education and training activities to support development of best practices for the implementation of Tool-kit resources across organizations.

The need for a Learning Advisor aligns with CFN’s commitment to design the Tool-kit learning with resources and supports necessary for implementation. Guided by the Elders Council and Advisory Committee participation, the design areas of focus will be as follows:

  • Identifying English language skillset for targeted user and making appropriate adjustment

  • Engaging, collaborating and forging relationships with stakeholders on an on-going basis to identify learning needs to inform the goal of understanding the programs and their implementation processes using western based and Indigenous worldviews

  • Designing and developing face-to-face, online and blended learning materials utilizing adult learning principles and best practices in instructional methodology

  • Map and align curriculum to learning objectives, assessment/evaluation methods and competency-based education

  • Outlining clear coaching for Tool-kit Instructors who will be using and presenting the Tool-kit in learning sessions


The main deliverables of the Learning Advisor will include:

Draft and Final Design

There will be a draft tool-kit design for inputs from Elders and Advisory Committee members and submission of the final design.

Indigenous Education for Newcomers Development Timeline:

The development of the learning material by the Learning Advisor for this project will begin on July 1st, 2021. Deadline timelines will be finalized during negotiations.


The project will be accountable to Centre for Newcomers’ Leadership Team, represented by Francis Boakye, VP Strategy. The representative will ensure that the Consultant has timely access to relevant staff, stakeholders and information as required.

Proposed Submissions:

All proposals should include:

  • Detailed work plan

  • Budget

  • Description of relevant experience

  • References

  • Examples of any comparable evaluation reports

Submission Procedure:

Interested consultants may submit three copies of their proposal by June 14th, 2021 to:

Name: Francis Boakye

Email address:

Phone number: 403-539-5853


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