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Connection & Gratitude: CFNs Indigenous & Newcomers Community Kitchen & Dialogue Project

Over this past weekend, as a part of CFNs Indigenous & Newcomers Community Kitchen and Dialogue Project, nearly 20 people came together for a Medicine Walk. Led by Winona Lafreniere, it was a wonderful experience for everyone who attended.  Smudging was done before starting down the pathway and participants spoke of how they felt blessed and connected to the earth as a result. The two hour walk resulted in the explanation of 14 plants and their uses.

After the walk Winona shared bannock, butter, home made Saskatoon jam and other snacks. Later she mixed an elixir of blueberries, sparkling water, honey, lemon and fresh bits of the plants we collected during the walk for all to drink. She indicated we didn’t need much for it to work and gracefully shared her knowledge of smudging, the use of tobacco and other teachings. Some of the comments from those who participated can be seen below and stay tuned for more events from CFNs Indigenous & Newcomers Community Kitchen and Dialogue Project.

Winona Lafreniere

"It was a profound experience and there was a feeling of sacred connection and gratitude between all of us."

"Thank you very much for the wonderful insight on what Mother Nature has in store for us.It was very generous of Winona to share her knowledge that she has learned through her whole life. Though it’s a very tiny amount of time for such a huge subject but it was a value added event. Thank you Winona! I do not have enough words to thank Victoria for organizing this event and introducing such a knowledgeable person to me!Last but not the least, thank you all for being a wonderful team for Medicine Walk!"

"It was an amazing event on Saturday. Thank you for organizing it. I appreciate the time and effort Winona put on this topic. I believe that every attendee enjoyed it. I was impressed by the stories, prayer, talks and presentation through the event. I told Winona that the concepts she presented are very similar with Chinese traditional philosophy. I agree that we are all in one. A little change could make a big difference. We should respect Mother Nature and treasure our nature resources in our daily life."


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