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'Future of Good' Young Impact Leaders Award Goes to CFN's Kate McDougall

It’s often the entrepreneurs and founders who get the most accolades for their work. And rightly so, in many cases — starting something new takes courage.

But what also takes an incredible amount of courage, but with far less public recognition, is working to better the social impact sector from the inside. These professionals are called intrapreneurs: people who push the boundaries of their organizations’ practices, programs, and policies in order to do good, better.

A strong team of intrapreneurs is what makes an organization — and ultimately, a community — resilient and innovative. Presented by RBC Future Launch and supported by MENTOR Canada, Future of Good’s 3rd annual list of young impact leaders celebrates young people doing this game-changing work, day in and day out. This years list featured CFN's own Kate McDougall. Her dedicated and passionate work as CFN's Regional WrapCap Youth Liaison has impacted young people across the country, as she strives to make a difference each day. Congratulations from all of us at CFN Kate, we could not be more proud of you!

A selection committee* of leaders and social change experts from across the country carefully pored through hundreds of nominations for this year’s list to narrow it down to 21 incredible intrapreneurs under the age of 39.

Over the last two years, young people were forced to navigate challenging and often entirely new career paths during turbulent economic times. Though not easy, young leaders have done remarkable work in the social impact world. From environmental work to pushing for reconciliation to delivering programming, young people between the ages of 20-39 are bright, passionate, and lead boldly in the social impact world.

While we often see entrepreneurs celebrated for creating new initiatives and organizations, many young ‘intrapreneurs’ are making waves within organizations as well. These young leaders are advancing work and pushing fresh ideas, while pushing back on the status quo held in traditional institutions.

Kate and CFN will be promoted in all of Future of Good channels, as she will be featured as one of the 30 Young Impact Leaders in 2022 on their website. Kate will also have the chance to be featured in some of the stories that Future of Good plans to publish between now and the end of the year.

Well deserved Kate, keep up the amazing work!



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