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How Can You Help Newcomers & Refugees in the COVID-19 Emergency?

We at the Centre for Newcomers are committed to helping newcomers to Calgary get through the COVID-19 emergency and you too can be a part of this.

As you may know, the Federal Government has release various measures to assist Canadians. The Province and city too are doing their best to help us all get through the COVID-19 emergency. We applaud any government’s efforts they are making to get Canada through this unusual time. Everything is a help.

Unfortunately, many new Canadians may not be able to benefit from all the measures taken to assist people through this period. The consequences are already being felt. People are not able to get jobs they have applied for, perhaps they are being laid-off, they cannot access libraries and other public services to help them sustain themselves. Some newcomers are at the end of being able to use the Food Bank and now they cannot feed themselves or their family.

There are many things you can do. Here are some examples:

1. Donate Grocery Store Gift Cards to the Centre for Newcomers

A gift card from a grocery store can be a life saver. You can donate CO-OP, Safeway, Superstore gift cards to the Centre for Newcomers. Delivery of the cards may occur through electronic means, or through delivery methods using active screening and social distancing methods.

2. Donate your useable laptops and tablets

Many clients do not have access to devices to continue their online English language classes or even connect with the rest of the world virtually.

Please call 403.569.3325 or connect through social media or for gift cards and electronics donations

3. Donate funds to the Centre for Newcomers’ Homeless Diversion Project or Basic Needs Program

The Homeless Diversion project gives micro-loans for rent to ensure highly vulnerable people who might be evicted, in extremely precarious scenarios, or in shelters, and cannot access other means of income, can remain in market housing, and as a result, gives them time to find a way to sustain themselves. The Basic Needs program provides money for food and other basic needs (without need for micro-loan payback).

4. Emergency Community Kitchen – Ethnicity Catering

Ethnicity catering will be helping to cook meals for the most vulnerable and distributing these meals. We require funds to buy the food and ensure delivery of the food occurs in the safest way possible.

5. Supplies for Masks

Our Women’s Peer Support group of newcomer women met once a week before COVID-19. The activity they did together was sew. They are currently volunteering their time, alone, at home to make masks for anyone in need in the community. We require cotton cloth, elastic and thread to continue providing masks free to the community.

Ways to give

  • Using the variety of option available to you, make a donation

  • Simply text "donate" to 45678 to make a donation of $10

The Centre for Newcomers takes the COVID-19 emergency very seriously. We have closed our offices for the time being but remain virtually open to continue to provide settlement services, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada(LINC), careers services, and a variety of other services


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