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The Charitable Foundation of The Family Donates $1000 in Superstore Gift Cards

CFN would like to extend our deepest thanks to The Charitable Foundation of the Family for their donation of $1000 worth of $50 Superstore gift cards to be distributed to Calgary's vulnerable population. Donations such as this are no less than vital to those who fall through the cracks of Canada's COVID-19 benefit packages.

The federal government of Canada has rolled out many benefit packages since the onset of the OCVID-19 pandemic, but if a person has few assets, is single, has no children, does not qualify for employment insurance, and/or does not yet have enough accumulated Canadian work experience, then the benefits may not substantially reach them, if at all. This is where organizations like Charitable Foundation of the Family come in.

The Charitable Foundation of the Family is a grass roots organization who’s focus is about helping others in their moment of need. They are committed to assisting those financially oppressed in our community, as well as furthering education through scholarships and to ultimately promote growth and unity in our community. They are continuously looking for better ways to nurture hope in our community.

There are numerous social and welfare organizations in our community that do incredible work, yet with all that is being done there are still individuals who are falling through the social fabric of our community and need help. At the foundation they are committed to assisting those individuals. They do not duplicate existing services, instead we look to partner with agencies to find the best, most resourceful and self-sustaining methods to help those in need.

The Charitable Foundation of the Family believes that:

  • One person has to potential to change the world;

  • We all have the ability to give in incredible and extraordinary ways; and

  • Dreams and hope are essential to self-development and growth

Everett Koeller founded the Charitable Foundation of the Family in 1989 as an avenue to perform grass roots work in our community. This objective remains today as they strive to maximize donors’ contributions to helping those in need.

Everett envisioned a charitable organization that could be flexible in criteria so as not to shut out the needs of those who are turned away from mainstream and larger organizations who must maintain more stringent policies and application guidelines when dealing with many more applicants. The Charitable Foundation has focused on being agile, sensitive, sensible, and responsive to the needs of the poor, young people, and the community. Although some of the focus has changed over the past twenty years, the Foundation has remained faithful to maintaining low overhead and maximizing donor’s benefits to the greatest needs.

Over the years the Foundation has been able to focus its charitable giving to helping those who were not being helped by other community resources while the need was still great. The Foundation is committed to maintaining flexible funding criteria to fill the gaps left by other organizations that have understandably more specific program criteria. Their objective is to assist based on a real need and not on specific criteria.

Once again, we send out our heartfelt thanks to the Charitable Foundation fo the Family for their generosity and all the work they do for our community. For more information visit


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