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YYC Community Builders

With nearly 25,000 organizations of all sizes across the province, the non-profit sector is an important contributor to the economic health and vitality of Alberta. Charities and non-profits throughout the province support the quality of life enjoyed in Alberta, addressing social needs, providing recreational and leisure opportunities, delivering arts and cultural programs, stewarding our natural environment and more. Many organizations also provide services essential to support the labour force, from settlement, career and youth programs for new immigrants like us here at CFN, to skills upgrading, as well as childcare and elderly care programs that enable individuals to participate in the workforce.

As a part of a new weekly blog series, YYC Community Builders will be featuring a Calgary non-profit organization we partner or collaborate with here at the Centre for Newcomers. The series will launch the later this week and highlight the work of one non-profit agency, telling their story and how one can find out more about the organization.

CFN very much believes the non-profit sector of Calgary is a family of caregivers, helping those who need it most, however and wherever we can. Each has its own story, its own passion and CFN will bring them to you over the course of this series. All of us here at CFN strive towards collaboration and partnership with our non-profit family. In the end, we are all here to help those who need it most, doing our part in working towards making Calgary the best city in can possibly be for all who call her home.


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