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Are you an immigrant job seeker with low technology or computer skills? Do you have difficulty with English? Have you been experiencing distress due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Do you want to be able to successfully apply for online jobs?


CFN's Succeeding in Your Online Job Search (SOS) offers one week of digital up-skilling workshop using online job application platforms, one week of intensive one-on-one or group coaching and employer connection support.

Target Participants:

Immigrant job seekers with low technology or digital skills
Have difficulty with English language
Have been experiencing distress as a result of COVID-19
Who would like to increase their ability to successfully apply for jobs online


1 week of digital up-skilling workshop: use of online job search platforms
1 week of one-on-one job application support
Employer connection

for more information, please send an email to 

Phone: 403-483-2212

funded by:

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