Last year CFN opened up what amounted to a suit store for couple days. Hundreds of people showed up turning the Centre into a retail shop for a brief time and many men walked out with a free suit. This year we are proud to announce that once again CFN will collaborate with Calgary Police Services for the 2nd Annual Give a Suit, Change a Life campaign. 

The idea of a suit drive was the brainchild of Cst Derek Thistle and stemmed from his response to a panhandler call that ended up with the two men having an honest conversation. At one point Derek asked the man if he felt if there was any work out there for him and the man simply looked back at Derek with shrug and said, ‘Look at me... who’s gonna hire me?’


A few weeks later, Derek had hundreds of suits in his garage and more than 1000 articles of clothing. Not long after that, CFN staff got busy setting up shop, arranging all donated items for display, and letting the community know both where to donate as well as what day all items would be available free of cost right here at CFN.  

This year donations can be left in garment racks at any CPS district office in Calgary, as well as the North Services Centre and Westwinds.  Suits and all other items of clothing will be made available to clients on June 21st and 22nd  at the Centre for Newcomers. If you have any questions please email and take a look below for the highlights of last year's campaign.  

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