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At Centre for Newcomers, we are dedicated to helping immigrants and refugees of all nationalities in Calgary and we invite you to be a part of this.


As you may know, Russia has invaded Ukraine and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, just like the Afghans fleeing, Ukrainians are fearing for their lives.

I am a Refugee


I want to bring a refugee to Canada or protect a refugee already here

If you are a refugee who has fled Ukraine, in another country, or in Canada wanting to seek asylum, or you are wanting to help a refugee, and need help please email: 

I want to give a donation

If you wish to give a donation of money, please give at:

Canada Helps      

Clothing, household item and furniture donation


Donate new or like new household items, clothing and furniture items directly to WINS: Women In Need Society


Workshop: Enhancing the Success of Sponsoring Refugees

Filling out the forms for privately sponsored refugees may seem like a daunting task. It can be, especially if it is your first time answering the many questions needed in the application process.

What leads to application success? How can you complete the application process without undue stress? In this Centre for Newcomers workshop, participants will better understand the process of filling out refugee sponsorship forms and how to avoid common mistakes. The workshop will use a holistic approach to the application process, rather than merely giving instructions on which forms and fields to fill.

Contact Director, LGBTQ+ & Vulnerable Population Services Boban Stojanovic at for questions.

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