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Were you once a temporary resident under the Worker in-Canada program in the worker streams such as health care and essential worker (non-health care) or a recent international graduate from a Canadian institution? Are you then a permanent resident now after IRCC approved your application for PR status?

If YES to the above, CONGRATULATIONS! Centre for Newcomers is here to further support your settlement journey at no cost. You may need more accurate and timely information on how to advance your studies or career, education for your children, enhance your language skills, get support with employment opportunities, or simply the more basic needs for you and your family.


We are here to help. Find out how by contacting us anytime at or calling our mainline 403-569-3325. We can also help in many areas of settlement – financial literacy/coaching, parenting in Canada, housing, supports for low income, RESP for your kids to get free government money, government benefits and a whole array of additional resources, information, and services.


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