The Vulnerable Population Services (VPS) offers specialized service attention to newcomers that find themselves in difficult scenarios. Services are provided using a Case Management and Wrap Around approach. This means that each person is assessed in a comprehensive way and services are provided to attend to all areas of one’s life where attention is required and requested.

The service will work with the client to attend to their basic needs, income, housing, work and career preparation, settlement, integration, health, mental health, risk mitigation, safety planning, sexuality, family issues, legal issues, domestic violence, and any other areas of living requested by the client.

The program will work with any age, culture, and sexual diversity presented to us. We will arrange language translation if it is required beyond the more than 20 languages of the VPS team.

The primary goal of our team is to empower vulnerable newcomers to become full participants into Canadian life by addressing community, work, and daily life within the context of developing strong support systems and meaningful engagement into the community. 

We also arrange peer support group to address multiple challenges of vulnerable population. We achieve our objectives through direct services, working with our many partner organizations, providing resources, arranging for volunteers, or finding other services to address needs.

We will arrange mental health settlement support or crisis counselling if it is required.

One specialized service is the attention to LGBTQ+ people. For more information about services for LGBTQ+ newcomers to Calgary, please see: 

To access services, we just need a name and phone number, then the process can start


Simply email

  For LGBTQ+ people

Or call


For Income Support Applications, complete the following: 
or email


For Food, complete the following: 
or email


Domestic Violence & Homelessness Services



  • Work collaboratively with agencies with a focus on domestic violence and homelessness

  • Organize events and workshops

  • Provide needs-based settlement services information

  • Provide resources to assist clients in decision making

  • Provide referrals to external resources as needed



Mental Health Related Services



  • Collaborate with agencies working with a focus on mental healt

  • Increase mental health awareness in communities

  • Organize events, workshops, and campaigns for our newcomer clients



CFN offers non-therapeutic counselling, crisis intervention as necessary, needs assessment to identify an individual, social, emotional, and behavioural aspects of the client. We help to identify situations and explore options, as well as develop and implement a plan of action. 

Our practitioner provides information and referrals to internal agency programs/resources & external agencies along with ethnocultural communities’ programs/resources. We connect clients to resources which can assist in meeting their needs and all services are delivered in a private, safe, confidential, and respectful environment. All have right to confidentiality, excluding specific circumstances, such as harm to oneself or harm to others. 



  • Unbiased & Non-Judgmental Approach 

  • Our services are here to support clients

  • Non-biased environment

  • There are no right or wrong questions or concerns



Program practitioner advocates for the client as needed in accessing resources, and meeting client’s needs.

Educates and empowers clients regarding rights and responsibilities in Canada. Teaches clients how to advocate for themselves. 


TO BOOK A with our practitioners email

 Or call


Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

We are closed on Statutory holidays and long weekends



1010, 999 - 36 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2A 7X6

(located inside the T & T Pacific Place Mall. -  Please use the northeast entrance off of 36 st, 12 Ave NE. No access from 33 st NE.



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Phone: 403.569.3325