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The WRAPCAP Mental Health Series initially began as a conversation with partners who worked in rural and northern areas who shared their challenges of accessing mental health training, as well as securing mental health supports for newcomer youth and their families. Once these conversations started, the initial conversation expanded, with the desire to reflect the needs of at- risk newcomer youth, a demographic often not represented nor understood in the general settlement, non- settlement and mental health sectors.


The WRAPCAP Mental Health Series is a result of these conversations, an opportunity to hear what you may not hear from other conferences or workshops.   It is an opportunity to hear from professionals who share their knowledge, expertise, and passion from the heart.  With plain language sessions on compassion fatigue, common mental health diagnosis, the impact of family reunification on mental health, as well as an overview of refugee medical and mental health needs,  we see that the component of newcomer youth mental health needs to an integral part of how we design services, one that reflects the needs of youth in a manner that is supportive and reflective of their settlement process in Canada.

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming part of this project, please contact:

Carolee Turner 
Local/Regional Coordinator

Kate McDougall
Regional Youth Liaison

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