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10/20/ 2021

'New Alberta mayors, councillors bring diversity to provincial councils

My McMurray


10/19/ 2021

Afghan Resettlement in Calgary

Global 770 CHQR


9/28/ 2021

CFN Helps Fight Combat Racism in Calgary

Global News

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9/15/ 2021

Calgarians help Afghan refugees resettle

CTV Calgary


9/11/ 2021

Pride patio party raises funds for refugees

Calgary Herald

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9/9/ 2021

Calgary's to commemorate 9/11 attacks

660 News

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8/30/ 2021

WinSport & Centre for Newcomers welcome new Canadians

CTV Calgary


8/30/ 2021

WinSport welcomes new Canadians

J99 News

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8/27/ 2021

How to help: Calgary agencies accepting donations to prepare for Afghan refugees

Global News


8/23/ 2021

Faith group stuffs backpacks with school supplies for 300 Alberta kids



8/7/ 2021

Your future is not a job but in the adaptable skills you've developed

Calgary Herald

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7/30/ 2021

The unvaccinated 'deserve what they get'? Not in my Calgary

CBC Calgary


7/12/ 2021

Northeast Calgary continues vaccination efforts for second doses​


Livewire Calgary


7/9/ 2021

COVID-19 vaccine offered at Stampede breakfast in northeast Calgary


CTV News

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7/7/ 2021

The Unconventional Panel discusses Stampede 2021

CBC Radio

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6/30/ 2021

Pipe Ceremony seals partnership

CBC Calgary

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6/26/ 2021

Alberta MLA's daughter speaks out after racist attack

Calgary Herald

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6/25/ 2021

Temporary pop-up clinics in northeast Calgary hope to boost first dose vaccine uptake


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6/12/ 2021

Alberta Justice Ministers plans to create hate crimes unit

770 CHQR Global

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6/7/ 2021

NE Calgary drop-in vaccine clinic

CBC Eyeopener

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6/7/ 2021

Alberta looks to enter Stage 2 of reopening this week as hospitalizations continue declining

Calgary Herald


6/5/ 2021

Alberta hits three-million vaccine milestone as Village Square clinic kicks off

Calgary Herald

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6/5/ 2021

Hundreds vaccinated, thousands of shots still available at northeast Calgary walk-in clinic


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6/3/ 2021

Northeast Calgary hockey arena transformed into mass vaccination clinic this weekend



6/2/ 2021

Pop-up 'vaccine rodeo' aims to combat disparities in northeast Calgary

Calgary Herald

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5/31/ 2021

Drive-thru vaccination clinic for northeast Calgary could open this week



5/27/ 2021

Northeast Calgary to get drive-thru COVID-19 vaccines



5/20/ 2021

Can you imagine immigrating to a new country during a pandemic? Thankfully the Centre for Newcomers is here to help


What She Said

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5/2/ 2021

Volunteers deliver food to Muslims stuck in isolation while marking Ramadan


Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 8.36.34 AM.png

4/15/ 2021

How the target of a racist slur is using his art to encourage others to speak up


Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 9.35.06 AM.png

4/9/ 2021

Northeast councillor Chahal takes aim at COVID vaccine hesitancy

Calgary Herald


2/24/ 2021

Calgary's Centre for Newcomers will double its space in move to Northgate Village mall


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2/15/ 2021

7 out of 10 residents in Skyview Ranch received the CERB in the initial month that the pandemic aid was available.

CTV Calgary

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2/15/ 2021

A closer look at where $82 billion in CERB payments went at the beginning of the pandemic



2/10/ 2021

Alberta restaurants, bars reopen for dine-in customers in next step of relaunch.

CBC Radio

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1/12/ 2021

Calgary NE COVID Response


Global Calgary

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1/8/ 2021

Calgary East Zone Newcomers Collaborative COVID Outreach Program  

CBC Calgary


12/31 2020

Community agencies encouraged by uptick in COVID-19 supports by northeast Calgary residents

Calgary Herald

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12/24 2020

COVID-19: Muslim youth group in Calgary getting supplies to isolated people

Global News


12/18 2020

Feeding the hungry: You can help

Calgary Herald

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12/16 2020

The 15th James S. Palmer Lecture Series with Nobel Rize Winner Professor Esther Duflo

University of Calgary

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12/15 2020

COVID-19 anxiety amplified for newcomers

City TV

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12/11 2020

No Holiday on Giving: Local artists, establishments keep charity traditions alive during COVID

The YYC Scene

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12/2 2020

Burden to Bear: Police called to confront legacy of racism and brutality

Calgary Herald


11/30 2020

Why northeast Calgary has the unenviable position of being the No. 1 spot in Alberta for COVID-19

CBC Calgary

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11/16 2020

TEDxCalgary is back with fresh ideas to help you stay engaged

University of Calgary

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11/06 2020

Adapting to COVID 19: CFN Sees Surge of 5000 additional clients

Diversity TV


10/29 2020

Changes to Alberta's Temporary Foreign Workers Program Announced. 

CTV Calgary

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10/15 2020

FCM Live Presents: BusinessWise - WomenPreneur


Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 15.53.08.png

09/24 2020

Werklund School researcher aims to build capacities, better serving LGBTQ2S+ refugees

University of Calgary

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09/19 2020

Public safety task force talks defunding police after CPS conversation with council

Calgary Herald

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