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6/27/ 2022

Ukrainians in Calgary needing more support as war continues

Global Calgary

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6/24/ 2022

‘COVID-19 is still out there’: New clinics in east Calgary aimed at getting more kids vaccinated

Global Calgary


6/20/ 2022

Centre for Newcomers opens new facility in northeast Calgary to connect newcomers with support

Calgary Herald

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6/20/ 2022

Calgary's Centre for Newcomers Grand Opening

CTV Calgary

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6/16/ 2022

Ukrainians fleeing war may want to stay in Calgary permanently as conflict could ‘last for years’

Global Calgary


6/16/ 2022

Food, energy, health and wellness identified as key to Alberta's future

CBC News 


6/11/ 2022

Hundreds of Ukrainian newcomers hand out resumes at Calgary job fair

CBC News

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6/11/ 2022

Ukrainian refugees assisted in finding jobs in Calgary

Global Calgary

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5/7/ 2022

'It was really emotional': Calgary host family encourages more people to offer places to those fleeing war

Global News

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5/6/ 2022

How Calgary is tackling shootings and gang activity

Global News


5/1/ 2022

'We appreciate every kind word': Community BBQ held to welcome Ukrainian refugees

CTV News


4/19/ 2022

Social groups hopeful provincial jobs investments can help underrepresented Calgarians

Calgary Herald


4/12/ 2022

‘Open Hearts’: Communities Of All Backgrounds Hold Donation Drives For Ukrainians

Verve Times

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4/9/ 2022

Calgary support societies work together to provide welcome for Ukrainians

CTV News

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4/3/ 2022

Calgary prepares for arrival of Ukrainian refugees

CTV News

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3/31/ 2022

Calgary charities prepare support for Ukrainians: ‘No one can do this alone’

CTV Calgary

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3/27/ 2022

Serbian immigrant who fled his country due to his sexuality and successfully settles in Calgary

The Immigrant Experience


3/25/ 2022

Newcomers to Calgary try winter sports for the first time at Canada's Olympic Park


Calgar Herald

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3/16/ 2022

Canada launching new program for people fleeing war in Ukraine 


Global News

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2/24/ 2022

Centre For Newcomers one stop shop for Newcomers 


Punjabi National TV


2/14/ 2022

Calgary Centre for Newcomers given grant from Alberta government to help with future upgrades


My McMurray

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2/14/ 2022

Provincial grant to help with upgrades at Calgary Centre for Newcomers


Calgary Herald


1/31/ 2022

Northeast Calgary lags far behind provincial average for vaccinating kids


CBC Calgary


1/15/ 2022

Calgary non-profit MD International delivers information, care packages to newcomers


Calgary Herald


1/12/ 2022

Systemic barriers holding back vaccination rates for many kids




1/3/ 2022

Compelling Calgarians: Anila Lee Yuen


Calgary Herald

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11/28/ 2021

COVID-19: Upper northeast Calgary has highest vaccination rate in Alberta


Global Calgary


11/24/ 2021

Alberta newcomers could lag behind without more access to pediatric COVID-19 shots, agencies warn


CBC News

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 11.04.23.png

11/18/ 2021

Alberta parents can book kids’ Covid vaccination



Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 6.53.07 AM.png

11/16/ 2021

Self-defence classes popular as hate-motivated incidents climb in Calgary




11/16/ 2021

A region of Calgary may have found a solution to low COVID-19 vaccination rates.

North Bay Nugget

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11/14/ 2021

Upper northeast sees nearly 99 per cent vaccination rate, leads Alberta


CTV Calgary


11/13/ 2021

'Really proud moment': At 99 per cent first dose coverage, northeast Calgary a vaccine success story

Calgary Herald


11/05/ 2021

Self-defence class offered to Calgary newcomer organizations in response to hate-based violence

CBC News


10/25/ 2021

Canada promised to take in 20,000-40,000 Afghan refugees. Where are they?

National Post


10/19/ 2021

'2 to 1': Gondek will be bolstered by majority-progressive council, say pundits

CBC Calgary


10/7/ 2021

Using data to integrate anti-racism in the settlement sector

Toronto Star