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17/2 2024

Supports for newcomers in Calgary

Global Calgary

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12/2 2024

Talk of the town hall: Calgarians discuss immigration

CBC News

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4/2 2024

Dozens of youth with East African backgrounds gathered at the Centre for Newcomers

Global Calgary

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18/1 2024

English language classes in Calgary have 7,455 people on waitlist

RCI Canadian News 

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16/1 2024

Waitlist for English language classes in Calgary shoots up to 7,455 people

CBC News 


15/1 2024

Primary dental care offered through Centre for Newcomers, Nation's Dental partnership

CTV News

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5/1 2024

Unemployment rates remain stable in Calgary at end of 2023



22/11 2023

Experts puzzled over Calgary police decision to charge youth with murder so quickly

Calgary Herald


16/11 2023

Two brothers charged in fatal Marlborough Park shooting make court appearances

Calgary Herald


15/11 2023

Teen suspects in northeast Calgary shooting were on wait list for intervention program: Centre for Newcomers

Calgary Herald


14/11 2023

Concerns mount over Canada's immigration targets

Asian Pacific Post

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13/10 2023

Five young curlers across Canada selected as Fran Todd All Heart Junior Curler Award recipients

Curling Canada

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12/10 2023

Ukrainian woman celebrates one year milestone in Calgary

Calgary Citizen

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4/9 2023

Transgender and Non-Binary Asylum Seekers in Canada

Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice

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31/8 2023

Varcoe: Population boom driving Alberta economy, even as provincial energy revenues dip

Calgary Herald

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25/8 2023

The housing crisis is leaving Ukrainian evacuees homeless in Calgary. Here's why

CBC Calgary


21/8 2023

Pilot ballet program motivates young immigrants in Calgary

New Canadian Media


30/7 2023

Newcomers build comfort level through ballet

CTV News

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23/7 2023

Calgary youth go to the hoop as Surge clinch a playoff spot against Rattlers

CTV Calgary

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21/7 2023

Calgary welcomes hundreds to the largest ever North American Refugee Health Conference

The Globe and Mail

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15/7 2023

Federal funding shortfall leads to layoffs and massive waitlists at Calgary Centre for Newcomers

CTV Calgary

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14/7 2023

Starting from scratch: How Ukrainian newcomers are adjusting to life in Calgary

CBC News

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12/7 2023

Calgary Newcomer Agency lays off dozens

Yahoo News

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10/7 2023

Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers lays off 65 workers 

Global Calgary

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15/5 2023

Climbing all at the Centre for Newcomers helps bring diversity to the sport

CBC Calgary

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11/5 2023

Climbing wall for Calgary immigrant and refugee youth created to increase access to sport

CBC Calgary

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24/4 2023

Calgary's population surge: New arrivals struggle while 110,000 more expected by 2027

CBC Calgary

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21/4 2023

Immigrants struggling amid Calgary’s tight rental market

Globe & Mail

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19/4 2023

Federal public servant strike called; worry over services mounts

CTV News


3/4 2023

Province providing $4.32 million to cover transportation, hotel rooms for Ukrainian evacuees

Livewire Calgary

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29/3 2023

Calgary charity finds temporary fix for Ukrainian housing crisis

Cairns Post

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29/3 2023

“Desperate dire need” in Calgary for homes to host Ukrainian evacuees

City News

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29/3 2023

Host homes needed as more Ukrainian refugees expected in Calgary

Global Calgary

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29/3 2023

Need for temporary housing dire, with hundreds more Ukrainians expected to arrive in Calgary



12/3 2023

Calgary Fair Entry transit program not always fair to under-documented individuals, say advocates



28/2 2023

What makes a great leader is common sense, but common sense isn’t so common

I Need to Talk to You The Podcast

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24/2 2023

One year later: The War in Ukraine

CBC Eye Opener


4/2 2023

Black youth gather at Calgary event to help empower immigrants

Global Calgary

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30/1 2023

A Calgary non-profit that supports pregnant Black women and families wants help to expand



16/1 2023

Alberta NDP vows to restart work on Filipino language-culture curriculum if it wins in May

The Inquirer 


11/1 2023

'Beyond capacity': Housing Ukrainian evacuees in Calgary a daily struggle for support organizations

Calgary Herald


5/1 2023

Calgary's immigration surge continues, bringing settlement agencies to full capacity

Calgary Herald

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4/1 2023

Canadian immigration rates rise

CBC Radio

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3/1 2023

Canadian immigration sees record year, set to increase in years to come

I Heart Radio

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16/12 2022

Centre for Newcomers hosts internationally flavoured holiday potluck

CTV News


16/12 2022

Centre for Newcomers hosts internationally flavoured holiday potluck

I Heart Radio


14/12 2022

Ukrainian newcomers prepare for first Christmas in Calgary

Global Calgary


11/12 2022

The Centre for Newcomers is looking to hire dozens of people to help with increased demand.

I Heart Radio

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7/12 2022

Newcomers Greeted with Immediate Service upon arrival at YYC

CTV News


7/12 2022

Barriers to voting make it difficult for newcomers to vote in Calgary municipal elections, city says

CBC News


7/12 2022

The Calgary Airport and the Calgary Newcomers Collaborative lead the Nation

YYC News


7/12 2022

Calgary immigrants can now get help at the airport as soon as they land 

CTV Calgary

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1/12 2022

Centre for Newcomers makes plea for Calgarians to adopt-a-family



17/11/ 2022

'Make sure they feel at home': Free skate giveaway helps new Calgarians

CTV News


7/11/ 2022

Calgary students, newcomers applaud the end to interest payments on federal student loans


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26/10/ 2022

Flames' Huberdeau launches 'Huby's Hangout' initiative for disadvantaged kids

Daily Hive


26/10/ 2022

Increased oversight of private career colleges needed to protect students, report says

CBC Calgary

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26/10/ 2022

Program to support refugees and low-income Calgarians in dire need of furniture donations

CTV Calgary

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19/10/ 2022

Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100

Women's Executive Network

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14/10/ 2022

Smith comments showed 'naïveté or lack of education or lack of moral compass'

CBC News

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12/10/ 2022

Alberta premier under fire for calling unvaccinated people the most discriminated against



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12/10/ 2022

Afghan refugees struggle to locate Calgary housing

CTV News

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11/10/ 2022

Refugee hotels fill up as surge in newcomers hits Calgary's tight rental market

CBC Calgary


23/8/ 2022

Ukrainian translators needed to assist newcomer students enrolled in Calgary schools this fall

CTV News


3/8/ 2022

Calgary Pride says LGBTQ refugees to lead the Pride parade in September

Global News


7/21/ 2022

Culturally Appropriate COVID-19 Supports are Only a Phone Call Away Through the Calgary East Zone Newcomers Collaborative

Equity in Action

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6/27/ 2022

Ukrainians in Calgary needing more support as war continues

Global Calgary

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6/24/ 2022

‘COVID-19 is still out there’: New clinics in east Calgary aimed at getting more kids vaccinated

Global Calgary


6/20/ 2022

Centre for Newcomers opens new facility in northeast Calgary to connect newcomers with support

Calgary Herald

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6/20/ 2022

Calgary's Centre for Newcomers Grand Opening

CTV Calgary

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6/16/ 2022

Ukrainians fleeing war may want to stay in Calgary permanently as conflict could ‘last for years’

Global Calgary


6/16/ 2022

Food, energy, health and wellness identified as key to Alberta's future

CBC News 


6/11/ 2022

Hundreds of Ukrainian newcomers hand out resumes at Calgary job fair

CBC News

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6/11/ 2022

Ukrainian refugees assisted in finding jobs in Calgary

Global Calgary

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5/7/ 2022

'It was really emotional': Calgary host family encourages more people to offer places to those fleeing war

Global News

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5/6/ 2022

How Calgary is tackling shootings and gang activity

Global News