11/16 2020

TEDxCalgary is back with fresh ideas to help you stay engaged

University of Calgary

11/06 2020

Adapting to COVID 19: CFN Sees Surge of 5000 additional clients

Diversity TV

10/29 2020

Changes to Alberta's Temporary Foreign Workers Program Announced. 

CTV Calgary

10/15 2020

FCM Live Presents: BusinessWise - WomenPreneur


09/20 2020

Diversion Work in Calgary’s Homeless-Serving Sector

Calgary Homeless


09/20 2020

Innovative system introduced in Calgary to improve newcomers' access to settlement services

Calgary Herald

09/10 2020

Teaching student rights when suicides show bullying protocols are ‘not working'


07/1 2020

Curbing Violence in Calgary -Community Based Public Safety Task Force

06/16 2020

Calgary Cares: Stampede Foundation volunteers with Centre for newcomers meal support initiative

Global TV

05/18 2020

CFN prepares food hampers for those in need

Red FM

05/16 2020

Calgary groups help families in brooks


CTV Calgary 

04/28 2020

Calgary Filmmaker makes Waves on International Circuit

Avenue Mag

04/03 2020

Calgary events postponed or Cancelled Due to Covid-19

The Expositor

03/04 2020

Debate rages over park closure and services reduction 


02/10 2020

Winsport Newcomers program helps integrate Newcomers to Calgary

CTV Calgary

12/18 2019

Informed Opinions: Making it easier for you to find qualified diverse female sources 



12/04 2019

Our DKL Newcomers

Dave Kelly Live

11/19 2020

Grey Cup festivities kick off in Calgary


Calgary Sun 

10/04 2019

How refugee fathers cope with conflict trauma and resettling 

Cbc News

09/20 2019

Calgary Syrian newcomer opens public simulation flight centre in Alberta

Global Calgary



09/01 2019

Corbella: From persecution to Pride LGBTQ refugees flee death and violence 

Calgary Herald

08/24 2019

Fearing for their lives, Serbian gay couple seek refuge in Calgary


Global Calgary 

07/05 2019

Annual Pride Day at Calgary Stampede honours LGBTQ activist 

Calgary Herald 

06/06 2019

Give a Suit, Change a Life campaign helps less fortunate


CTV News 

05/20 2019

Growing a Community Through Immigration

Pembina Valley

04/18 2019

Calgary groups look for solutions after Syrian girl, 9, dies by suicide


Cbc News 

03/25 2019

Alberta Party digital health cards, UCP forestry announcement, Liberal immigration platform  

Global News

03/07 2019

A Canadian Welcome


Hockey Canada  

02/28 2019

Calgary agency helps low-income residents file their taxes 

CTV News

12/18 2018

Pop-up potluck bringing people together

City TV Calgary

11/10 2018

EthniCity Catering 

Culinaire Magazine

09/22 2018

Centre for Newcomers 30 years

CTV News

08/21 2018

Rainbow Railroad Station aims to bring persecuted LGBT refugees to Calgary

Cbc News 

06/30 2018

Refugees can now apply for Alberta's driver's license while waiting for claim.

Cbc News

06/01 2018

Free childcare gives clients a way to get ahead faster


CTV Calgary 

05/17 2018

News LGBTQ immigrants need places where they feel safe, say Centre for Newcomers in Calgary

Cbc News

05/17 2018

Calgary's Centre for Newcomers discusses LGBTQ issues to mark International Day Against Homophobia, transphobia and biphobia

05/06 2018

Immigrants and refugees often face additional barriers escaping domestic violence 

Cbc News

04/17 2018

Not for profit social enterprise taps into culinary knowledge of new Canadians

Cbc News

04/10 2018

Calgary Forum Focuses on Inclusion

Cbc Calgary

04/09 2018

6 Degree Calgary Wants your Radical Ideas About Inclusion and Diversity


02/28 2018

Piece of Mind for Young Families New to Canada 

City BT

02/12 2018

Calgary library 'The Library Gave me Hope': Boban Stojanovic's Story

Calgary Public 


01/28 2018

Syrian newcomers to Calgary now settled, celebrating successes and looking ahead 

Cbc News

12/20 2017

Learn who you are helping through the Christmas fund

Calgary Herald

12/08 2017

Newcomers to Canada given winter coats to keep them warm through Calgary's winter

Cbc News

12/07 2017

Wickenheiser: We are all newcomers hoping for acceptance

Calgary Herald

12/05 2017

A welcoming voice, CEO of Calgary's Centre for Newcomers 

Calgary Herald

12/02 2017

Survivors of brital civil war find a softer landing in Calgary with Centre for Newcomers


Calgary Herald 

11/02 2017

Calgary agency 'not in a panic' over immigration influx plans

Cbc News

10/29 2017

Calgary becoming magnet for ethnic migrants, new StatsCan data shows 

Calgary Herald

07/29 2017

Calgary's Calgary Centre for Newcomers incorporating Indigenous history into language classes

Cbc News

03/16 2017

LBGT project for new Canadians in Calgary sees a big demand

Cbc News

02/05 2017

Centre for Newcomers celebrates  diversity at second annual fundraiser 


Cbc News

11/02 2016

UNconventional Panel: Is it hateful not to use gender neutral pronouns

Cbc News

09/25 2016

Calgary-based activist says LGBT refugees struggle to heal prove persecution

Cbc News

09/07 2016

Anila Lee Yuen, CEO of the centre for Newcomers on air discussing with Unconventional Panel proposed "Value test" for new immigrants.

Cbc News

06/20 2016

Calgary Centre for Newcomers showcase success stories on world refugee day

Cbc News

11/12 2020

Calgary’s social agencies adapt to meet high demand for services

United Way

10/29 2020

WomenPreneurs: Why They Matter

Mabuhay News

10/19 2020

Exploring the economic & social challenges our city faces one year out from the next municipal election

CBC Calgary

09/25 2020

Warren Sulatycky's new drama Jasmine Road a quiet study of intersecting lives

Chatham News

09/24 2020

Werklund School researcher aims to build capacities, better serving LGBTQ2S+ refugees

University of Calgary

09/19 2020

Public safety task force talks defunding police after CPS conversation with council

Calgary Herald

08/18 2020

New LGBTQ+ history series launched as Calgary Pride celebrates 30th anniversary.


06/18 2020

Stampede volunteers help Calgary newcomers


Cbc Calgary 

06/14 2020

The Centre for Newcomers on the Incentive for Black Lives Matter Campaign

City TV

05/17 2020

Centre for Newcomers & Action Dignity in Brooks 


04/29 2020

Diverse communities in Calgary face discrimination over Cargill's Covid-19 cases


04/17 2020

Centre for Newcomers offering services for Immigrants during Covid-19 pandemic 

660 News

04/01 2020

Centre for Newcomers: Real Me Identity Based Wraparound Intervention for Youth

Pathways to


03/03 2020

They Didn't Come Here to Embark on a Journey of Destruction 

660 News

01/17 2020

Even refugees who enter Canada irregularly end up contributing to country 

Calgary Herald

12/17 2019

International Celebration: holiday season dinner helps Newcomers to Calgary


Global Calgary 

11/28 2019

Clothing Donations Help Newcomers Brave 1st blast of Calgary Winter 

Cbc Calgary

11/16 2019

Calgary Newcomers get lessons in Winter Driving





10/01 2019

Melanie is Not the Kind of Person to just Sit Around



09/07 2019

Pride Patio Party supports LGBTQ+ refugees 

Kenora Miner

08/26 2019

Calgary's Pride Festival, now 4th-largest in Canada, kicks off


07/09 2019

Veteran stampeders teach newcomers about cowboy culture

Cbc Calgary 

07/12 2019

Calgary Newcomer parents seek education on bullying following high profile Calgary cases

Cbc Calgary

06/03 2019

Rainbow Railroad station praises expansion of program to help LGBTQ refugees get to Canada


Cbc Calgary 

05/16 2019

Calgary skateboarding group launches community giving program

Live Wire

04/06 2019

Centre for Newcomers Celebrates 30 years 


CTV Calgary 

03/15 2019

Why Skills Diversity is the Backbone of Canada's Immigration System title


Do Business

like a Canadian

03/05 2019

Is Calgary's Olympic past still a legacy or just history? 

Cbc News

02/06 2019

Centre for Newcomers Women's Self Defence &Western Canada Martial Arts Academy

Nash Productions

12/01 2018

Christmas show features Young Canadians and some new friends

City Calgary

11/05 2018

Say Hello

Live up Magazine

09/01 2018

LGBTQ Calgarians share their thoughts on what a more inclusive Calgary looks like


Calgary Star 

07/14 2018

The power of the needle and thread stitches up bonds between newcomers.

Cbc News

06/11 2018

Calgary church bells to toll 40 times for Orlando shooting victims 

Calgary Herald 

05/24 2018

Calgary police officer's push to collect suits for men in need is thriving: 'It's been overwhelming'

Global News

05/17 2018

Calgary's Centre for Newcomers discusses LGBTQ issues to mark International Day Against Homophobia, transphobia and biphobia


Global News

05/14 2018

Calgary lacks resources on Indigenous history and culture for new Canadians


Cbc News