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You can be part of creating a welcoming environment for newcomers to Canada in the following ways:

  • Volunteer with CFN (e.g. as a resource speaker at our events and a mentor for youth or immigrant professionals);

  • Connect us to others in the community who may support our efforts;

  • Partner with us in your diversity and inclusion initiatives in your community and business;

  • Connect us with employment opportunities for newcomers in the city.

Community support enables the Centre for Newcomers to help so many individuals each year:


  • 10,000 individuals receive services and support from CFN;


  • 2,500 attend adult English classes on average;


  • 5, 542 one-on-one consultations have supported the family settlement process;

  • 83% of tracked career service clients find jobs or relevant training;

  • Over 27,000 visits to our drop-in Job Centre;

  • Over 11,000 volunteer hours are provided by CFN's volunteers;

  • 20,000 meals are delivered to Ethnicity Catering customers and over 110 trainees gain invaluable work experience that provides a foundation for future employment potential


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