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CFN's Canadian Culture Club

The Centre for Newcomers is excited to announce the launch of a new initiative, the Canadian Culture Club. This volunteer owned, volunteer Led, results oriented, networking for newcomers effort once again demonstrates the power of the greater community to make a real difference in the lives of our fellow Calgarians. Newcomers move to Canada to build a better life for themselves and their families and CFN's newly formed Canadian Culture Club supports the process of integration by connecting people in Canada for less than a year with volunteers who have already settled into their new home.

This new initiative will follow a format like that of a conversation circle and will be conducted online. Most networking sessions will be virtual to allow convenient attendance, with occasional in person get togethers to strengthen connections.

Volunteers research and select conversation starters for each session, but the subject matter is flexible depending on the specific needs of participants attending the sessions and the background knowledge of the volunteer leaders. Because sessions are virtual, they will be the evenings and on weekends for those volunteers with a busy work schedule.

Each grouping will meet twice a month for three months. Subjects of interest could be:

• The reality of winters in Alberta (tires for your vehicle, the cold, best deals for winter clothing)

• Shopping for food in Calgary (favourite stores for unique items, best prices)

• The emotional roller coaster of moving to another country (Mental health)

• Impressions of the Health system in Alberta (compared to other countries; the good, the bad and the reality)

• Free stuff to do in Calgary with families

• Managing work expectations when it comes to extended holidays (plans to go back home for a visit)

• Canadian policing systems (similarities and differences from other countries)

• Canadian humour

• Canadian sarcasm

• What travelling to other provinces is like (ie. what to expect on a road trip to BC?)

• Canadian winter sports (curling, ice hockey, skating etc.)

• The highs and lows of Survival jobs

For more information call 403.569.3325 or email


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