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Immigration Matters

People come to Canada for many reasons. No matter where they’re from or why they’re here, a warm Canadian welcome can make a difference. Help make your neighbourhood a better place for everyone to live.

Get involved

  • A Canadian family and a newcomer family enjoy hot chocolate after skating.

  • Match with a newcomer and help them settle into their new community.

  • Share information about your community and local services.

  • Introduce newcomers to others with common interests to help build networks.

  • Donate second-hand clothing and furniture.

  • Share a favourite Canadian pastime.

  • Invite a newcomer to a local sporting event.

  • Contact a settlement organization near you to start welcoming newcomers, including refugees.

  • Take part in our citizenship by going to a citizenship ceremony, celebrating Canada Day and Citizenship Week, or organizing a reaffirmation ceremony.

  • Connect with local charities to learn how you can help.


Part of becoming more welcoming is understanding how we select, screen and set up immigrants for success in Canada. Find out how Canada’s immigration system works.

Immigrants help grow Canada’s future. Learn more about how immigrants contribute to different sectors like sports, business and health care.

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