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Indigenous Education for Newcomers - A Chat with Calgary Foundation's Tim Fox

On July 29th the Indigenous Education for Newcomers Launch Celebration is taking place at the Genesis Centre. The Calgary Foundation has generously granted funding for the Initiative and Indigenous Community leader Tim Fox, who is the Calgary Foundation's Director of Indigenous Relations, also sits on the Indigenous Education for Newcomers Advisory Committee. Watch below as he talks about both his work with the Foundation and the Committee, as well as his vision for reconciliation in Canada.

Since 1955, the Calgary Foundation has been nurturing a healthy, vibrant, giving and caring community. The Foundation facilitates collaborative philanthropy by making powerful connections between donors and community organizations for the long-term benefit of Calgary and area. In 2015-16, the Calgary Foundation saw $38.8 million in new contributions, had an asset base of $822.7 million and granted $45.9 million to 883 charitable organizations.

It is their strategic partnerships with generous fundholders and effective nonprofits that enable the Calgary Foundation to do great work and build a vibrant community. And as always, the strength and value of a community foundation is reflected in a strong and sustainable charitable.


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