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Mental Health Week 2024

Canadians face worrying levels of stress, anxiety, and loneliness heightened by social inequality, an affordability crisis, political divisiveness, and ongoing climate concerns. In this context, a call to be kind is more relevant than ever, especially given the many mental health benefits associated with compassion.

The Canadian Mental Health Association introduced the first annual Mental Health Week across Canada in 1951. Mental Health Week offers practical ways to maintain and improve our mental health and practical solutions to support recovery from mental illness. We all can be compassionate, and we know that doing so can make an enormous difference. This year’s Mental Health Week is centred on the healing power of compassion. In a world plagued by suffering, we emphasize that kindness is equally intrinsic to our humanity. Join us from May 6 to 12, 2024 to explore how compassion connects us all.

Mental health refers to a state of well-being and includes our emotions, feelings of connection to others, thoughts, feelings, and ability to manage life’s highs and lows. Mental health challenges are a common experience, and in any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness.

While so many of us experience mental health issues, there continues to be a lot of stigma and misinformation surrounding mental health, and too many people suffer in silence out of fear of being ridiculed or bullied. They do not seek help or treatment because they fear being discriminated against.

That is why is it so important to educate our workplaces and our communities. People who suffer with mental health issues deserve our compassion and understanding. They deserve to feel valued and supported. It’s up to all of us to speak out, raise awareness, and stop the stigma.

The Differently-Abled Working Group of the National Human Rights Committee has chosen the green ribbon as the symbol of Mental Health Week to raise awareness about the inequity members with mental health issues face across the nation.

This Mental Health Week, join the Canadian Mental Health Association as we show compassion to ourselves, others and our community.

source: Canadian Mental Health Association


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