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Provincial grant to help with upgrades at Centre for Newcomers

A $485,000 grant from the province of Alberta will help the Centre for Newcomers expand both its facility and its ability to provide aid.

The grant is through the Community Faculty Enhancement Program (CFEP) and will help add up to 50,000 square feet to the facility, doubling its size and making it one of the largest of its kind in western Canada.

With the added space, CFN can expand its life and career programs, encouraging newcomer success in Alberta’s growing economy.

Newcomers to Canada often struggle with life and career goals due to a lack of connections and resources. The solution can be found with the Calgary Centre for Newcomers, as it provides operating programs aimed at language instruction, job search and settlement assistance.

The brand-new facility will be among the largest settlement offices in western Canada and will include several amenities. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says it is critical to support Alberta newcomers since they benefit the province in a multitude of ways"

“Alberta is a diverse province and a destination for newcomers from around the world. These hard-working people improve our province in so many ways, and Alberta’s government is committed to supporting organizations like the Calgary Centre for Newcomers, which makes it easier for new Canadians to integrate successfully and achieve their dreams,” said Premier Kenney.

It is estimated that the upgraded facility will affect 20,000 newcomers a year, especially those located in northeast Calgary. Through CFEP, eligible non-profits can find financial assistance to help aid their business by requesting to build, expand, repair, upgrade, and renovate.


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