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Supporting Afghan Nationals: About Special Programs

Travel authorizations to leave Afghanistan

Canada and its allies have received assurances from the Taliban that Afghan citizens with travel authorization from other countries will be allowed to leave Afghanistan. Find out more.

Canada has announced the resettlement of up to 20,000 vulnerable Afghan nationals to Canada. This will be done through 2 programs:

  1. A special immigration program for Afghan nationals, and their families, who assisted the Government of Canada. Find out more about this special immigration program

  2. A special humanitarian program focused on resettling Afghan nationals who are outside of Afghanistan and who don’t have a durable solution in a third country, which will include people such as

    • women leaders

    • human rights advocates

    • persecuted religious minorities

    • LGBTI individuals

    • journalists and people who assisted Canadian journalists

    • immediate family members of one of the above

    • extended family members of previously resettled interpreters who assisted the Government of Canada

      • this includes family members who are still in Afghanistan

You don’t need to currently be in Afghanistan or return to Afghanistan to be eligible or to have your application processed once you’re able to apply.



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