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Action on Affordable Housing in Calgary is Needed Now

Open up your browser or turn on the TV and it's everywhere these days. 20% of Calgarians are currently in need of affordable housing. Rent has increased by more than 35% since 2020. An annual salary of $156,000 is needed to purchase a home in Calgary. Calgary is in the midst of a housing crisis and action on affordable housing is needed now. On September 14th the City of Calgary's housing strategy recommendations will be presented to the council. We strongly recommend that the city council accept all 6 recommendations from the Housing and Affordability Task Force.

CFN Chief Program Officer Dr. Kelly Ernst offers an in-depth analysis of YYC's housing crisis below. You will not regret offering up 7 minutes of your day, as in return you will hear an insightful and thought-provoking breakdown of what's happening in our city, why it's happening and what must happen in order to address a crisis that is affecting each and every Calgarian.


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