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Celebrate International Artists Day with CFN

International Artist Day is an annual event celebrated on October 25th each year. The purpose of the day is to bring awareness to the art and artists of the world and to encourage appreciation for their work.

The day is also to simply celebrate the gift of art, and what better way to do so then to finish of the week by joining CFN and our in-house hobby artist Kayla Kay as we embrace fall and capture the beauty of letting go, on canvas. Generously sponsored by Valard Construction, this class is open to all levels, and we encourage all levels to join us!

Registration includes all supplies, a glass of red or white wine, and a beautiful masterpiece hand painted by you! Click here to register today.

International Artist Day was founded by Chris MacClure, a Canadian artist who specializes in the style known as 'Romantic Realism'. His paintings were a way to bring out his own “Romantic Realist” views on life, and have served to make him one of Canada's most important artists.

"Not Lost" - Chris McClure

We learn about history through paintings and sculptures; we get to know more about a given culture and traditions through the art of produced within it. Artists add beauty to the world and photographers, sculptors, painters, musicians, dancers, writers, actors, digital artists, and more are all considered artists.

Celebrate art with us here at CFN and further still, you could purchase a fresh work of art for your house, visit a gallery of art, pick up a musical instrument and practice and because creativity and art are all around us, even taking a photo with your phone qualifies as an artistic endeavour.


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