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CFN Joins Gateway

The Centre for Newcomers is excited to be a part of the Gateway Project, an innovative newcomer system that helps immigrants and refugees to Alberta navigate their new home successfully. Gateway aims to create better connections for newcomers to support service agencies; Better connections between partner agencies to complement each other; Better connections to share and learn from each other to elevate sector excellence.

Gateway is a community of collaborative partners and features a standardized client needs assessment, personalized planning, and referrals methodology that is used and shared across participating agencies. Gateway offers newcomers one landing place to connect them to a variety of services in their community that are right for them.

Newcomers are often overwhelmed with available choices and lack of clear direction from newcomer service agencies upon arriving in their new homes. With Gateway, newcomers no longer need to navigate confusing amounts of services, attend unnecessary appointments, or endure the frustration of repeating their story.

Gateway’s Goals:

1. Create a standardized system for intake, assessment and referrals for all newcomers to Alberta.

2. Develop a client-centric model, capabilities-based around the newcomer.

3. Make it easier for newcomers to access services, improve the effectiveness of referrals, and follow the newcomers' journey to integration (enhanced client outcomes tracking).

4. Increase collaboration amongst agencies to better understand service uptake, recognize gaps and create a knowledge hub for partners and researchers.

5. Allow for more sector resources to be directed toward client program development and delivery through improved efficiencies from standardization and data analysis

The Gateway Model helps us build our processes around the newcomer with a standardized system for intake, assessment, ongoing planning and referrals for newcomers program referrals to the community. Follow ups to support a newcomer’s journey along the way; all that culminates in a knowledge hub for partners and researchers to aid in progressing our work with newcomers.

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