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CFN's New Community Daycare Centre Set to Open Soon


CFN is getting ready to open our awesome new home and with it our brand new Community Daycare Centre. While CFN has offered childcare to clients in the past, we are pleased to announce that we will now be able to care for children whose parents are offsite, and extend our care to all children and families, beyond just CFN clients. We look forward to welcoming children and their families into our community from newcomer and long-time Calgarian backgrounds alike.

CFN has a long history of offering professional, fun, and creative care to newcomer children in a childcare setting. For over 30 years our ECEs (Early Child Educators) always work to understand each child’s individual needs and celebrate his/her uniqueness. In this long history of caring for children, we have always followed provincial and national best practices and regulations for childcare, and have never received a non-compliance notice from an inspector. Our current ECE staff are all highly experienced and have worked for CFN for 7+ years.


Our new community daycare will offer care to all children in our Calgary community, from ages 12 months to 5 years. We will be offering full and part time childcare options, to best accommodate the needs of parents. As well, we look forward to participating in the new federal-provincial childcare agreement to offer affordable, quality care. We maintain health and safety procedures and practice fire drills regularly to ensure the safety of all children. We also provide quality toys and nutritious food that follows the Alberta food guide.

The children in our care will be provided with opportunities to learn and grow in all developmental areas at their own pace. The role of the teacher is a supportive one rather than authoritarian. The classroom is organized into designated play areas, which encourage the children’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language development. The curriculum and activities are based on the children’s interest, age group and skill level. Learning will be incorporated into fun activities, such as crafts to learn shapes and colours, or songs to learn numbers and letters.

The new CFN community daycare will be multicultural and inclusive. Our teachers are multilingual and always try to communicate with parents in their first language for better understanding of their needs. We will be offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian Halal options for lunch and snacks, to accommodate the various cultural and faith-based needs of our clients. We will also accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions whenever possible.

We want every child and their family to feel welcome and included in our space. We will offer diverse toys, activities, books, guests, music, games, celebrations, and food from around the world, including those of Indigenous peoples. This will help the children to build respect and understanding of other cultures, which provides a great foundation for school and work. We display multicultural posters on childcare walls to promote diversity and inclusion. We also look forward to celebrating common festivals such as Spring Festival, Eid, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Financial literacy month, Superhero month (kid-friendly support and awareness to prevent family violence), as we have done in the past.


  • Over 30 years of experience caring for children from around the world

  • A diverse, certified, multicultural and highly experienced team of Early Childhood professionals who speak multiple languages and have expertise in caring for children who may have experienced trauma or difficult circumstances on their family’s journey to Canada

  • Cultural and Faith celebrations which celebrate the unique backgrounds of each child in care and build a foundation of respect and understanding

  • Connections to other resources within CFN and partner organizations for newcomer families who may need additional supports as they settle into their new lives in Canada

  • Not-for-profit; will participate in the new federal-provincial childcare agreement

  • Diverse, nutritious snacks and meals provided by EthniCity Catering (vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices; Halal)

  • Fun, creative age-appropriate lesson plans and activities for children to explore art, science, literature, music, Indigenous stories, art, music

  • Children build social, emotional, language, problem-solving and learning skills

  • Exciting visits from Alberta Health Services, EMS, Calgary Police Service, Calgary

  • Firefighters, librarians, musicians

  • Research -based curriculum with a Child-Led approach that is consistently upgraded and updated with ongoing early education methodology

  • We create areas/corners for Constructive play, Language play, Artistic play, Logic play, Motor play, Number play, Reading Fun, Game play, Outdoor play, Manipulative play Story Corner, Science corner, House keeping area, Dramatic play and more.

  • We explore opportunities to support families through positive language and interactions


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