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CFNs EthniCity Catering @ Feeding 5000

Feeding 5000 Calgary is a global initiative to raise awareness about food waste. The goal was to feed 5000 people with food that would have otherwise ended up being thrown away. Originating in England, Feeding 5000 has since become a global movement. Since then, Feeding 5000 events have happened in cities across Europe and North America with CFNs EthniCity Catering having the privilege of participating in Calgary's inaugural Feeding 5000.

Held at Olympic Plaza on Thursday, the event fed nearly 7000 people, while saving more than 1,000 kilograms of food from the landfill.

Food was donated by local farms, grocery stores and wholesalers, and put together in creative ways by chefs right here in YYC. The chefs, including Ethnicity Catering's Mark Sefton, treated the public to some delicious meals. The event was made possible by the hard work of hundreds of volunteers, who spent the week prepping for the event.  Leftovers from Feeding 5000 were donated to the Drop-In Centre, Alpha House and the Dream Centre. For more Photos of the event CLICK HERE. 


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