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Our Home on Native Land

What leading First Nations thinkers, artists, and — yes — comedians reveal in their reflections is fundamental knowledge for anyone who is committed to living in a fair country.

While we may all have heard about residential schools, treaties, and reconciliation, how much do any of us know about the Indigenous laws that have been around for far longer than the Canadian constitution?

Though they've been ignored and often trampled over the past 150 years, Indigenous Peoples have ways of relating to the land and to one another that allowed people to live on these lands and waters for thousands of years without disrupting the ecological balance. Those laws — upheld by Treaties and validated in case after case in the country's courts — offer a path forward not only for cultural understanding but for our very survival in a time of climate crisis.

Jump into this free 10-part course on Indigenous justice in Canada and discover the myths, absurdities, and possibilities that are baked into the laws of this land.

Then: join forces to become part of putting reconciliation into action.

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