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The 12th Annual Connect Event

The Connect Event is an annual gathering that provides participants with opportunities to better understand the strengths and contributions of the Indigenous community in Calgary and surrounding areas.

This year’s Connect Event theme is, “Decolonizing Intergenerational Ignorance and Addressing Cultural Burnout,” and the topics will focus on cultural burnout, spiritual exhaustion and making relatives. Spurred by the recovery of Indigenous children at Residential Schools across Turtle Island, many Indigenous community members have been called on to provide healing and well-being to their non-Indigenous counterparts, and this had led to unforeseen challenges.

Register today for this this 2-day event where participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to expert keynote speakers on Cultural Burnout and Spiritual Exhaustion

  • Critically examine the ways Intergenerational Ignorance may manifest in our shared spaces

  • Participate in sharing circles with Elders and community members

  • Implement strategies to make changes and support Indigenous community members ongoing

All participants will have the opportunity to explore their own journey with interactive assignments for expanded learnings.

Registration for this event is FREE.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

source: United Way Calgary And Area


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