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Newcomers to Canada bring a breadth of education and experience and have been selected to come to Canada because of their potential to contribute to our community and workforce.

Recruiting newcomers - leveraging the skills and experience of an internationally trained workforce - is one way to reflect Calgary's growing diversity within your own organization.  Your company can benefit from the international connections newcomers bring, and their ability to communicate with people from other cultures, economies, marketplaces, and countries.

Job Fairs and Forums are also organized for job seekers to get access to relevant hiring information and employment opportunities from a pool of potential employers in various industries.


To learn more about bringing newcomers into your workforce, contact:

Pablo Franco
Associate Director/Employer Connection Lead



What does the program offer?


  • One-on-one career advising by culturally competent Career Practitioners.


  • Job search workshops, information and networking sessions.


  • Assistance to process application for International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) subject to eligibility assessment.


  • Referral to English language training.


  • Basic computer skills and online job search workshops.


  • Employment Insurance (EI) application support.


  • Job Search Centre access with free internet, computer use, fax, employment resource publications, resume printing and a resource counsellor to assist with job search questions.


How will you benefit?


  • Learn what Canadian employers look for and what training you need to meet your employment goals.


  • Understand how and where to look for job opportunities.


  • Learn about effective resume & cover letter writing techniques, networking and interviewing skills.


Do you qualify?


  • Unemployed or underemployed permanent residents, citizens or anyone legally entitled to work or train in Canada.


  • Looking for work or training and have language barriers.

For more information, please contact

Find out more about our cost-free services:

Career Planning
Job Search Workshops
Drop-in Job Search Centre

Please visit our Events & Workshops page for detailed list of ongoing workshops.

Funded by the Seniors, Community and Social Services.

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