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A mentor is an individual who is committed to investing one’s time to assist in the growth and development of others.  The mentor we are looking for are individuals who are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom and act as a guide and role model. our mentor come from all walks of life, cultures and experiences. They supports and encourages the development of the mentee and provides active guidance to help them achieve their goals. We match them with mentors in the community to help increase the number of positive support people in their lives. There are several roles a mentor can play:

Family Support Mentors –  A willingness to work with parents and guardians that may need friendship, peer support and guidance


Youth Mentors  – A wiliness to commit too, guide, support and create positive relations with “high risk youth”.


Program Mentors – A willingness to help coordinate administrative work, support staff with the evaluation framework/intake process.


For detailed information about becoming a mentor contact:


Elaine Mew 

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