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Thank you to our funding partners

Services at the Centre for Newcomers are offered to participants at no cost through the generous support of donors and program sponsors.


Centre for Newcomers would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the Alberta Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Status of Women for the generous grant awarded through their Community Facility Enhancement Program. This vital support significantly contributes to the Centre's ongoing mission of fostering cultural awareness and strengthening community engagement. The grant will enable the enhancement of the Centre's facilities and the expansion of its programs, thereby elevating the quality and reach of services provided to newcomers in Alberta. The Centre deeply appreciates the Ministry's faith in its endeavors and is committed to using these resources to make a substantial impact in the community it serves.

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Centre for Newcomers extends its sincerest thanks to the Government of Canada and Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada for their generous funding. This pivotal funding is instrumental to CFN’s mission of advancing cultural integration and enriching the lives of newcomers in the community. Through this funding, CFN is better positioned to expand its scope of services, enhance its programmatic offerings, and deepen its impact. CFN is profoundly grateful for the Government of Canada’s trust in its work and is committed to utilizing these resources to benefit immigrants, refugees, and the broader community in meaningful ways.

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