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CFN's Seniors' Services address the unique needs of seniors through building social support networks and resources, as well as interventions that promote intergenerational learning. Through needs assessments, information & referrals, seniors will be supported with their identified needs, including financial assistance programs, subsidized seniors' bus passes, seniors' benefits, referrals to community resources and services, volunteering opportunities, and participation in activities that build peer support. 


While the service targets Chinese, Indians, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Sri Lankan seniors, any immigrant senior can always access the service. 


With physical distancing restrictions, older adults have become more isolated than ever from the rest of the people in their lives. Social isolation is defined as a lack of social engagement affecting the individual’s psychological, cognitive and medical health. 

CFN Senior Services has a number of ways to help combat social isolation in seniors:

1. Things to help you stay active:

  • Online settlement services for senior newcomers (by phone, email, Wechat, Zoom, etc.): Assist clients to apply for SIN, PR cards, pensions, seniors’ benefits, fair entry (seniors bus pass), GST credit, income tax, etc. Recommend the clients should give their children “Authorization of Representative” so that their children can communicate with government officers (on the phone) on behalf of them. Provide info of interpretation services, such as 811, 911 services in Mandarin and Cantonese. 

  • Virtual Field Trips: Calgary Public Library, City Hall, museums, artworks exhibitions, etc.

  • Virtual Events/Celebrations: Christmas, New year, Chinese New Year, Seniors Week, etc.

  • Constantly follow up the Isolated clients by phone and email.

2. Learn something new:


  • Improve English: Community Based LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) for Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin Speaking) and Pakistani (Punjabi/Urdu Speaking) Seniors is a new initiative at the Centre for Newcomers.

  • Participate workshops/webinars to increase/update knowledge: Mental health (stress management), pensions & benefits, Canadian Food Guide, housing, funeral services, CLB test & LINC, banking, health benefits, COVID-19 vaccination, personal directive, POA, how to communicate with doctors, stop Asian Hate, how to use smart phones, computers to join meetings/webinars, etc.

  • Learn new skills: Join online Peer Support Groups (Wechat & Zoom) and slideshows: Art and Photography Group, Knitting & Crochet Group, and Taste of China (cooking) group.

  • Learn new technologies: internet, Zoom, Microsoft Team, Wechat, WhatsApp, etc. with smart phones, computers, and iPads.


3. Let’s talk: 


  • Chat groups on WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook, and Chat rooms. 

  • Storytelling activities. 

  • Regular follow-ups with clients.

4. Become a volunteer: 


  • CFN Food hampers/meals deliveries and picking up hampers of Calgary Food Bank for the clients who are isolated or cannot go shopping for grocery.

  • Airport pickup and grocery shopping.

  • Be an interpreter for seniors’ doctor’s appointments.

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If you are a permanent resident senior immigrant, connect with us at 403-569-3325 

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