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The Real ME Intervention Program works with newcomer youth currently at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity. Program staff help youth participants to reach their highest future potential, regardless of their past.

Our team uses the “High Fidelity Wraparound” model. Basically, this means we put the youth participants at the centre and work with each youth to build a team of support people who will help them set and achieve their goals. In this way, families and caregivers are also involved in the program if they wish. We identify priorities, develop a personalized plan and introduce a support team. The "team" may involve family members, religious leaders, and/or service providers such as addiction counsellors. The "plan" could involve school and job supports, leadership and/or conflict resolution training.














We have six additional services that we offer our clients:

Employment and Life Skills – Connecting youth to resources, programs, and coaching for employment and life skills development.

Family Support – Our Family Support worker and volunteer “family mentors” provide general support and direct help to meet needs such as community resource referrals, assistance with filling out forms, and educational workshops such as how to navigate the education and healthcare systems, how to use public transit, etc. (For more information on becoming a family mentor, see below.)

Academic Support – We work with our school board partners to advocate on the behalf of youth where needed, and with our program’s partners, we connect youth to one-on-one support/tutoring outside of the classroom.

Prosocial Support - Involving youth in positive community activities including sports and recreation, volunteerism, and arts.

Counselling – when requested, we connect participants to highly qualified, youth-friendly counsellors.

Mentoring – when youth are ready, we match them with mentors in the community to help increase the number of positive support people in their lives.



  • We work with either first-generation immigrants and refugees (those born outside of Canada) or first-generation Canadians (those born in Canada with at least one parent born outside of Canada) regardless of immigration status

  • Youth between the ages of 12-24 years.

  • Youth currently involved in gangs, or at high risk of gang involvement.

  • Youth voluntarily willing to participate in the program.

  • Referrals can be made by anyone who is concern about the youth (schools/probation/CYOC/parents)

For detailed information about the program contact:


Noel Bahliby


Make a Referral 

Help us support high-risk youth and develop an effective approach to gang prevention.


If you know a young person that might be involved in crime and might need a professional, please complete 

Real ME Referral Form.

Referral forms can be sent by email to the Real Me team: 

This is a secure e-mail. For questions regarding your referral, please contact Program Manager Noel Bahliby:

403-464-4151 or

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