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For individuals experiencing domestic violence, our case managers will do their very best to address your needs. This includes creating safety plans, working with collaboratively with other organizations to ensure safety, accessing mental health supports, and getting the resources you need.

Defining an abuse is big step. We at CFN provide safe and confidential services to victims of domestic violence. we work collaboratively with agencies with a focus on domestic violence. We organize events and workshops based on peer support strength-based learning model. Through these workshops participants can connect with others who have experienced something similar in a low-key, non-threatening space.


By sharing stories and from peer support learning model participants will learn to feel stronger, more confident and more willing and able to set personal boundaries and create healthy relationships. Through wraparound case management model our case mangers work collaboratively with team of individuals to provide needs-based settlement services information and provide resources to assist clients in decision making. We also provide referral to external resources by building community capacity and follow up with DV clients to strengthen their ecomap. 


To access services or for a referral please email:

For questions regarding your referral, please contact Vulnerable Population Program Manager Shamaila Akram: 403.569.3325 or

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