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Multicultural Peer Mentorship for Professionals is a 4-month program that matches Mentors working as professionals in their industry in Canada with Mentees who are newcomer professionals striving to find employment in their fields.

Become a Mentor

Find fulfilment in being able to help and support fellow members of your community and further develop leadership and facilitation skills.  


  • Professionally trained

  • Previous or currently working in your profession in Canada

  • Willing to commit  to 2 mentoring meetings a month for 4 months and join program activities 



Click here to download Mentor application form.

Become a Mentee

Learn from the stories and experiences of successful immigrant professionals; improve your knowledge, skills and understanding of the Canadian workplace culture and the environment; establish a wider peer support network within and outside your culture.


  • Professionally trained

  • Ready to start working at any time

  • Willing to commit your time to attend mentoring meetings, follow up with career actions and attend program activities


Click here to download Mentee application form.


Ayotunde Kayode

403. 569.3325

Funding is available for eligible students through Alberta Human Services

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