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In order to meet the demand of a larger influx of refugees accessing services at CFN and respond to the offers of volunteer support from the community at large, the Centre for Newcomers created a volunteer-led response. This offers the ability for refugees on wait-lists to still be in touch with the CFN, gain networking skills and learn about the community. Volunteers are involved in the integration process through networking and building community with newcomers. CFN staff act as liaisons to assist the volunteers, coordinate efforts and invite refugee clients to activities and events.


Conversation Club and Basic Computer Classes


(Every Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm)
Coordinated by the Settlement Practitioner for Refugee Integration:


  • We provide interactive activities to open opportunities where refugee clients can gain self-confidence expressing themselves in English. This will be supported by introducing computer literacy classes that suit their levels. This is facilitated in a peer support environment.


  • Volunteer roles are: Conversation Club Facilitation/Support, Computer Class Facilitation/Support, Childcare room support, and interpretation (Amharic, Arabic, Spanish, Tigrinya, etc.).


Field Trips


In order to familiarize refugees with the city, we go on field trips to the Calgary Tower, TELUS Spark Centre, Calgary Zoo, and other local attractions.


  • This is meant to help refugees familiarize themselves with Calgary and know their new community.

  • Practice what they have learned in the conversation club and computer classes.

  • Volunteers will serve as tour guides, attendance control, interpreters and accompany clients on the trips.


Family Connections


Get matched with a family to provide extra settlement support.



To join the program, please contact


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