Needs Assessment


A needs assessment an initial formal assessment of newcomer needs across a broad spectrum of settlement areas (i.e., housing, health and well-being, information and orientation, language learning and skills development, employment, and community connections). Facilitated by a settlement practitioner, it allows the collection of baseline information on newcomer needs.


This process provides a “snapshot” of a client’s general settlement needs, thus enables a service provider to provide more effective support for the client and facilitates access to community settlement services. At the end of the assessment process, a personalized settlement plan is created that outlines a strategy for settlement; empowering clients to take a more active role in planning their settlement. The settlement plan is a “road map” or strategy to achieve settlement success based on identified needs and objectives and is primarily a tool for newcomers. The plan provides details about specific resources and services obtainable within the community to help newcomers successfully settle in Canada. 



Information and Orientation


Information and orientation is the provision of information/advice by a settlement practitioner in a one-on-one or group setting, whether over-the-counter, in a meeting, electronically, or over the phone.  The service provides information about newcomers’ new home and orientation on how to navigate the system to facilitate integration. They will be provided information and orientation on finding suitable housing, adapting to the climate, knowing how to get around the city, acquiring proper identification such as driver’s license, accessing community resources, familiarity with Canadian systems, functioning as a healthy family, and finding social and family connections to overcome isolation and in other settlement needs. 




Referrals are links provided to specific services that help newcomers settle in Canada. They may be internal services provided by CFN or services offered by other organizations. 


You can either come in as a walk in, or phone

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