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Totally Awesome Summer Camp is a school-aged care program for kids ages 6 – 12; it supports parents to continue their LINC English classes over the summer. Participants enjoy fun crafts, games, and outings designed to develop their creative, communication and leadership skills. The program is led by pre- and post-secondary students through the Service Canada Summer Student Grant program.

Purpose of the camp

The main purpose of the camp was to teach newcomer children about Calgary and have fun while doing so. They got the chance to practice their art and creative skills which is not always possible in their regular schools and make new friendships. The summer camp is also a great help for the parents attending LINC classes, since it takes the stress away of finding accommodations for their children. 

Purpose of the exhibition
The exhibition allows children to showcase their crafts and talents to all their parents and others, allowing them to discover new skills and feel responsible for their projects. 





















2017: We organized a Summer Camp for the first time in 2017 to help LINC students to continue their studies at summer months. We hired 2 Child Development Assistant to run the summer camp. 
otal no of children served: 30.
Exhibition theme: Little Campers- Art and Craft
Program length: 10 weeks 


2018 and 2019: We hired 3 Child Development Assistant (2 positions funded by Service Canada and 1 position funded by IRCC)

Program length: 10 weeks started from June 25 to Aug. 31
Total no of Children per shift: 26
Volunteer: 5 from Centre for Newcomers Volunteer dept.
Exhibition Theme: Prince Island Park; Canada 150, Calgary Transit Station, Bee Garden


2020 and 2021: We hired 3 Child Development Assistant, and they run virtual summer camp.
No Exhibition was organized due to technical challenges during pandemic. 


2022: We hired 3 Child Development Assistant and 1 Summer camp assistant. 


2023: We hired 6 Camp counsellors and 1 Admin assistant (7 positions funded by Service Canada)
Program length: 8 weeks July and Aug
Total no of children served: 56.
Exhibition theme: Diversity Around the World.


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